Safe Spaces

We at Blacksburg Swing Dance are committed to making our dance scene a safe and welcoming community. In order to achieve that goal, we ask all our attendees to follow our code of conduct. If there are any safe spaces concerns, please contact us at or find a member of our safety team at our Friday night dances. 

Code of Conduct

Blacksburg Swing Dance does not allow alcohol, illegal substances, weapons or any sort of harassment at Blacksburg Swing Dance-sponsored or co-hosted events. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, religious affiliation, physical appearance, disability, or body size; inappropriate sexual behavior (verbal and physical); deliberate intimidation; stalking; following; repeated unwanted photography/recording; inappropriate physical contact; threatening behavior; and the sustained disruption of dances, classes, or meetings.

Blacksburg Swing Dance also prohibits the execution of aerials during social activities. Any movement involving a dancer being unable to support his/her own weight, not being in control of his/her own movement, not having both feet on the floor simultaneously, a dancer’s head being closer to the floor than their knees, or dipping a partner without express verbal consent are strictly prohibited. Verbal warnings will be issued to all participants who violate these guidelines. Repeated violation of this policy may be grounds for permanent dismissal from Blacksburg Swing Dance events. All attendees assume responsibility and liability for any injuries they may sustain or cause during and/or as a result of Blacksburg Swing Dance events. Blackburg Swing Dance accepts no responsibility for injuries due to the behavior of participants or personal health status.