**No partner is ever required for any of our lessons!**

Friday Night Lessons
7:15-7:45 Intermediate Lesson -- These lessons are designed to give dancers a small taste of a move or concept that can be added into their dancing. These are aimed at dancers who are comfortable with their basics in the style being taught. Check our calendar to see what style is being taught each week.
7:45-8:30 Beginner Lesson -- These lessons are for people who are brand new to swing dancing or still working on their basics. Instructors will cover basic movement and patterns to get you on the floor and having fun after just a few minutes. No experience required!

Progressive Lesson Sets
Lessons will be taught in 5 week sets in McBryde Hall starting on 2/4/2019
Room number 232
$20 for one class set, $30 for 2 class sets
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Intro to Swing -- Kaitlin Carter and Hussain Jaffrey -- 7:00-8:15

This class is for anyone who is new to swing dancing or wants to refine their fundamentals. Classes will focus on topics such as general movement, connecting with a partner, and some of the patterns that comprise swing dancing. 

No previous experience is required

Blues 1 -- Chris Lanza and Steven Belcher -- 7:00-8:15

This class will be an introduction to swing style of Blues. The class will cover the specific movements associated with blues, will encourage improvisation with the music , and will students introduce students to some of the variations of music within the style. 

Intro to Swing or equivalent experience is required 

Lindy 2: Swingouts and Beyond -- Hannah Belcher and Steven Belcher -- 8:30-9:45

This class is aimed at those individuals who have learned to do a Lindy swing-out, but want to refine their movement and do more with it. In addition to smoothing out the basic swing out, classes will also work to incorporate partnered Charleston and give students some flair to their dancing.

Lindy 1 experience is required