Get Involved

Ways to get involved:
  1. Host - take money from people at dances and get in free for a night!
  2. Teach - Share your knowledge and get in free for a night!
  3. DJ - Control the music and get in free for a night!
  4. Perform - Learn cool routines and show off at dances!
  5. Join our email list - Stay up to date on the events coming up!
We love to see people getting involved, so everything above is open to anyone who is interested. You can fill out our contact sheet to join the general email list, or talk to the hosts at our Friday night dances! 


Mission Statement

Blacksburg Swing Dance teachers desire to share the joy we find in swing dancing with the rest of the world. We seek to train students in solid swing dance technique, provide them with a broad swing dance vocabulary, encourage them to expand their own creative expression, and teach them some of the history of this uniquely American dance form. We want our dancers to experience the fun and satisfaction of creating something new with each partner they encounter on the dance floor.


Mission Statement

It is the aim of the Blacksburg Swing Dance DJ collective to play swing music that is in line with the swing community as a whole, that is enjoyable to our scene and that encourages our members to improve their skills as dancers.